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What Type Of Trust Is Right For Me?

So how do I know which trust is the right trust for me in my situation? Well, that’s when you call me, because I can take a look at your situation and adapt a trust to the specifics of your life. That way we can put together a game plan so that we can ensure that during any period of disability, you are treated the way you want it to be treated.

Also, upon your passing, your estate is administered the way you wanted it to be administered. No court involvement, nobody else making a decision, simply following the list of instructions that you left behind. Remember, your legacy is what’s important. That’s why I try my best to ensure two things when drafting any estate plan. Number one, that your wishes are honored first, that they’re memorialized and they are as concrete as I can possibly make them. Number two, what can we do to avoid paying Uncle Sam any more than Uncle Sam is due? Let’s be honest, we pay enough taxes during our life. Let’s try not to pay any more upon our passing.

So what I do is tailor the trust or the will or whatever kind of estate plan will fit your situation to you so that those two things are accomplished. Number one, your wishes. Number two, avoiding taxes at all costs. So I would say if you have any more questions about living trusts, trusts in general, or just need an estate plan set up, make sure to call me today. Thank you.