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Estate Planning, Probate, Divorce, and Criminal Defense Lawyer

estate planning


estate planning

Estate Planning

estate planning


estate planning

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estate planning

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For more than 15 years, I’ve been dedicated to serving the needs of those in Will, DuPage, Cook, and Kankakee County, from Joliet to Chicago Heights, and Orland Park to Kankakee, as well as the surrounding communities. My practice is devoted to matters involving estate planning, probate, criminal defense, and family law (including divorce, parenting time/custody, and support).

I believe that when hiring an attorney, all clients should expect – and deserve – an attorney’s full dedication and commitment to achieving the best outcome possible, whether that be a comprehensive estate plan or seeking to achieve a client’s objective in a divorce.

I Personally Handle All Aspects of Every Client Representation

When you hire my firm, you’ll be hiring me. Your matter will not be delegated to a junior attorney or paralegal. When you call with questions, you’ll be speaking with me.

I Offer a Free Consultation to Determine How I Can Best Help You

I would invite you to call me and look forward to any questions that you might have.

Ryan Hejmanowski

Estate Planning - It’s About Protecting Your Loved Ones

Most people think estate planning is only about how assets will be distributed after death. In reality, estate planning will protect you and your family during life – especially if you become severely disabled. At death, estate plans protect families from possible fights, and long-term disputes over how assets with great sentimental value will be distributed.

In Illinois, without a Will or Estate Plan, Assets Must be Distributed in Accordance with Illinois Intestacy Law

Don’t let this happen!

Find out how easy and affordable it is to get a customized estate plan created around your needs. Estate plans are typically prepared on a fixed fee basis (so you won’t need to be concerned about how much your plan will cost), and I can work with you over video conference (including Zoom) if desired.

Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One is Difficult.

I help estate administrators by answering questions, developing solutions to difficult distribution matters, and helping them to fulfilling their legal duties.

In most cases, those acting as an executor or administrator (both referred to as a “personal representative”) are serving in such capacity for the first time.  If this is the case for you, I know that you’ll likely have many questions – I’ll be there not only to answer your questions, but also to guide you through the process.

Frequently difficult matters arise concerning asset distribution, such as: what happens if a parent who owns a house dies without a will and more than one child will inherit the parent’s assets?  I help personal representatives develop solutions and agreements among heirs and beneficiaries to assist in ensuring a smooth transition of assets as possible.  I also advise personal representatives in the event that disagreements arise.

Throughout the probate process, I prepare the legal matters that may be necessary to make asset transfers, as well as filing the appropriate documents with the court.  Please call me to learn how I can assist you if you are serving as an estate administrator.

Going Through a Divorce? I Can Help.

I help clients through divorce, parenting time (formerly custody), child support, spousal support, and situations involving modifications to support or parenting time.  As a Will County divorce lawyer, I serve clients through negotiating the terms of agreements related to these matters.  If an acceptable resolution cannot be reached, I represent clients in court seeking to secure the outcomes desired.

If you’re facing this challenging time, your focus should be on your family and your future – not on the legal aspects of these matters.  Let me take the burden off your shoulders.

In addition to representing clients in matters associated with a divorce, I also assist clients about to get married in developing a prenuptial agreement that will protect them in the event of a divorce.

The Tenacious Representation You Need and Deserve!

If you’ve been charged with a felony, DUI, or any other crime, I can help.

I know what is at stake.  Not only your freedom and potential fines, but also long-term ramifications that can hinder your ability to get a job.

I provide tireless, dedicated representation to all of those charged with crimes, and seek to obtain the best result possible in each and every case.  Whether you have been charged with a felony, a DUI for alcohol, a DUI for drugs, or drug charges, I fully the investigate the circumstances of criminal charges, and seek to have charges dismissed or reduced, and evidence excluded, whenever there is a basis to do so.  I fight vigorously on behalf of clients if a case goes to trial, working hard to secure a not guilty verdict.

Firearms Charges

Much of my criminal defense practice is devoted to those charged with firearms violations.  I am a passionate advocate of second amendment rights, as well as being an NRA Certified pistol instructor.


As an expungement lawyer, I additionally represent clients in seeking to have previous convictions expunged in accordance with Illinois law government expungement matters.

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