External General Counsel

External General Counsel for Illinois Small Businesses

For many small and family-owned businesses, having a full-time in-house legal counsel is both cost-prohibitive and simply unnecessary. Nonetheless, small and family-owned businesses face many of the same issues that much larger businesses face, including:

  • Entity formation matters
  • Contract and lease development and review
  • Employee matters including non-competes, intellectual property ownership, employment policies, employment contracts, and dismissals
  • Disputes and litigation
  • Licensing Issues
  • Insurance matters

What small and family-owned businesses need is an experienced business lawyer/ external general counsel who:

  • Understands their business and objectives
  • Can offer proactive advice on risk minimization and other legal operational matters
  • Is available on a moment’s notice to advise on urgent matters, such as employment termination or threatened lawsuits
  • Has the experience and tenacity to represent clients in court if necessary.

As external general counsel, I handle ongoing, routine legal matters at a fraction of the cost of the much larger corporate firms.

My focus is on learning about a client’s business so that I can serve as a value-added resource to help immediately address a wide variety of business matters.  Unlike many other law firms that expect business owners to always come to their office, I make it a point to visit the businesses of clients so that I can see first-hand how their business works.  Not only does this save time for the business owner, by visiting the businesses of clients I can become more versed with their operations, which it turn will allow the opportunity to provide more focused advice and counsel.

At RNH Law, we believe that an experienced Frankfort business lawyer should be a key advisor, not just a legal technician.  As a small-business owner myself, I understand the challenges that businesses face.  I know that business owners do not want ambiguous answers and legalese. They want a business-focused and pragmatic approach to problem-solving.  With 15 years of practice, I provide clients with proactive legal risk management, effective business and transactional representation, and tenacious representation in response to disputes and litigation.

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