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Choosing the right attorney to handle your divorce can be a critical decision. The outcome of a divorce can result in significant and long-lasting consequences, impacting property division, spousal support, parenting responsibility, parenting time, and other matters.

For most aspects of the divorce, including property division, courts are not willing to revisit aspects that have already been resolved. For instance, once property is divided, a court will usually not go back to re-divide property in another way if circumstances change. Therefore, it is imperative that an experienced divorce attorney be retained to get the best result possible.

Zealous Representation

As an Illinois divorce attorney serving Frankfort, Joliet, Mokena, and the surrounding communities, my focus is on getting clients the best outcome possible based upon their circumstances and Illinois divorce law. Zealous representation does not mean fighting over every aspect of a divorce. Instead, my goal is to secure the best outcome for the matters that are most important to you. Additionally, instead of battling every aspect at trial, it is much more productive and cost-effective to develop a creative plan to reach agreement on key aspects.

However, in some cases reaching agreement may not be possible. If this is the case, as a tenacious divorce lawyer, I will not hesitate to try your case to a jury, or judge, and fight for you. I will work to obtain the best property, custody, spousal maintenance, visitation, and child support outcome for you.

How Will Illinois Law Apply to Your Divorce?

At the outset, I know that you likely will have many questions regarding your divorce. Specifically, there will be questions about property division, child custody, parenting rights, spousal support, and related matters. Illinois law provides several presumptions concerning how these and related matters will be resolved. These presumptions are a starting point, not an ending point, and, as an experienced divorce attorney, I can review how the law will likely treat your case and explain how I can help to get you the best result possible.

If My Spouse Cheated, Will it Help Me in a Divorce or Custody?

Marital infidelity in Illinois will not usually affect the outcome of the case. For instance, if one spouse was unfaithful, that does not mean that the other spouse will get more property or that the faithful spouse will be more likely to be awarded custody of the children.

With respect to legal custody and parenting time rights, the courts will be first and foremost concerned with the best interest of the children. Therefore, the living and social situations of each of the parents may be considered with respect to determining the best interests of the children.

How Does Property Get Divided in a Divorce in Illinois?

This is one of the key issues that needs to be decided in a divorce. Illinois is a state where property must be divided equitably among divorcing parties. This does not necessarily mean that the property should be divided equally. In general, the higher the value of the marital property, the more difficulty there is in dividing the property equitably.

Additionally, in some cases Illinois courts will need to determine what property is marital property and what is non-marital property. Usually, property that has been received by inheritance or which may have been owned prior to the marriage by one spouse may not be divided by the courts. The rules that pertain to non-marital property are complex, and non-marital property may be deemed to be marital property if certain actions are taken during the marriage. For this reason, an experienced divorce lawyer will be invaluable.

How Can I Protect My Child During a Divorce?

This is one of the most hotly contested areas in a majority of divorces. Emotions run very high whenever the welfare of children is an issue. Also, the financial stakes are high when deciding parental responsibilities and parenting time.

A very important part of any family case is putting the best interests of the child (or children) first. That is my goal throughout negotiations and any litigation of your case.

It has been my experience that parents who can work together to reach a mutual agreement on parenting responsibilities and parenting time have the best outcomes. Mutual agreement usually keeps a level of harmony throughout the family. However, when agreement isn’t possible, as a dedicated Illinois divorce and child custody attorney, I will work zealously to represent my clients’ interests and fight to obtain their objectives.

Why Should You Hire an Experienced Illinois Divorce Lawyer to Represent You?

As a divorce lawyer serving Frankfort and the surrounding communities, including (but not limited to) Joliet, Mokena, Tinley Park, and Homewood, I work tirelessly for clients using my experience in state and federal court to achieve the best possible results. With more than a decade of legal practice and trial experience, I provide affordable representation and accept credit card payments for fees. I focus on reaching my client’s goals in an expeditious manner and resort to trial only when other efforts have proven unsuccessful.

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